Five Ways To Socialize Your Web Site

Five Ways To Socialize Your Web Site.


First blog post from the new iPad

The question is, will the iPad be a blogging machine? I’m writing this post from an iPad and am trying to get used to the keyboard. The screen is not large enough for me to use all fingers. Right now I’m in landscape mode. Now I’m switching to normal mode and it is a bit […]

Hollywood Forever Picture Slideshow

Hollywood Forever Picture Slideshow

Day #2 – Staycation

In case you haven’t run into the term “staycation” yet it refers to a vacation spent near one’s home. With the tough economy this term has been popping up more and more (see the “staycation” Twitter stream on the right side of this page). If you’re one of the people who dislike the term for […]

When Gmail Goes Down…


Video Creation Station Light Camera Action Set Up Notes