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Connecting the Dots in Social Media

I do Internet marketing.  I’ve done hundreds of email marketing campaigns, designed and built dozens of Web sites, and have managed truck loads of advertising programs.

With Web 1.0 marketing, you determine your message (hopefully built around your organization’s mission and goals), find out who wants to listen to it, then you present them with the message.  You can then gauge the effectiveness of the message and the delivery system (email, blog post, Web ad, print ad, etc.) and then track it internally.

But social media is still a new beast to me.  I understand what’s going
on but I’m still working on putting all the pieces together.

The longer I use sites like Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, and other community sites like NaBloPoMo.com, the more I’m realizing that the Web 1.0 way of marketing is headed for a grim demise.

How do you see the difference in Web 1.0 marketing and doing business with the aid of social media?


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