A Second Chance -Tlaquepaque

Have you ever had a friend that let you down, I mean really let you down, and you later forgave them? 

Well that’s what happened with Tlaquepaque Restaurant in Santa Paula (click here for pronunciation of "Tlaquepaque," .wav).  They let me down big time with some extraordinarily bad service and as result it earned itself a place on our dreaded List.  The List is our Do Not Call on List and we don’t return to places on that list unless there are some extraordinary reasons.

There were no extraordinary reasons this time but B really wanted some posole this afternoon, so I lifted the ban.  It was time.  Tlaquepaque used to be our favorite restaurant and it was a one-time (hopefully) indiscretion on their part.


I ordered my usual special, the carne asada plate that comes with a sizable piece of carne asada, rice, beans, a mini salad, and a couple of juicy onions which I never eat. 

Probably the best part of the meal is the fresh homemade corn tortillas that they serve.  There a very few place in the County that do the fresh tortillas.  B likes to take a tortilla, squeeze a little lemon on it, add some salt, then wrap it into a taquito and eat away.  That’s a bit bare for me so I always slap a piece of meat on it.

The meal went without incident and we had a nice sized to-go container of posole left for tomorrow morning. 

They are now officially off the List.

~~Photo courtesy of @tiabel.~~


2 comments on “A Second Chance -Tlaquepaque

  1. Ta La Ka Pakki. LOL….the question here is, red or white pasole? I thought every town has at least one place that makes fresh tortilla’s. But then again, your in Central, or Northern Cali. Can’t speak for those areas.

  2. Red posole of course. There are a few places that make the fresh tortillas but these are the only handmade ones that I know of in town.

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