Food, Books, and Puppies

Went to B&N today a couple of hours after an early dinner and got hungry again by looking at the bargain food books.  Italian food, Thai Food, vegetarian food.  See what I mean?

I tried to forget the food by looking at books on dogs.  One book, "The cutest dogs" (or something like that) had close up shots of dogs with all white backgrounds so that their snouts looked even more adorable.  I’m a sucker for those kinds of books. 

But the hunger continued.

What sections do you usually visit at bookstores?


4 comments on “Food, Books, and Puppies

  1. I like to look in health foods, business, and graphic design magazines. I bet those puppies were so cute!

  2. Boxercab, the puppies were very cute and yes, now I know the difference between a boxer and a much smaller Boston Terrier. That’s why I was checking the doggy book. Your boxer was great this week on the Greatest American Dog.

  3. Yeah, he’s doing great! I don’t know if he can beat out those super-trained agility dogs, but oh well. At least his owner is one of the sane ones. 🙂

  4. I have a Chiweenie pup. Books? Medical and Living History types. Boring huh?

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