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Voice Memo To WordPress.com

Tried to post a voice memo to WordPress via email but received a message that m4a files are an invalid type. Aw shucks.

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testing slideshow

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Valentine’s Day Message – Vine Style

I’m testing whether a Vine video will show up on a WordPress.com blog post just by posting a Twitter tweet that includes a Vine video embed.  Let’s see if this works.

I pasted the link to the tweet above, does everything show up?

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Five Ways To Socialize Your Web Site

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First blog post from the new iPad

The question is, will the iPad be a blogging machine? I’m writing this post from an iPad and am trying to get used to the keyboard. The screen is not large enough for me to use all fingers. Right now I’m in landscape mode.

Now I’m switching to normal mode and it is a bit easier to hen peck my way through this post. But I’m no where near full typing speed, yet.

This is a screenshot of the current post:

Oops, I accidentally attached two images to the post. But it’s difficult to tell since the images don’t show up on the post itself. Things are pretty black and white right now.

I do know one thing though, and that is that there’s no way I would have written this much on my iPhone.

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Hollywood Forever Picture Slideshow

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Support Health Care Reform – Make Your Voice Heard And Call Your Rep

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Contact your representative
There will be an historic vote today and it’s close. Please make your voice heard and call your representative.

I just called Rep. Elton Gallegly’s office (CA-24) urging him to support health care reform.

This is the message I left for Rep. Gallegly:

Hello, my name is Jesse Luna and I’m a voter calling from Santa Paula, California.

I’m calling to let you know that I support President Obama’s health reform proposal, and I’m not alone. Thousands of people on Twitter have banded together to support health care reform and to honor the life of Eric De La Cruz who passed away after not being able to receive a heart transplant because of insurance red tape and pre-existing condition clauses.

I’m asking you to support the health care bill so that this kind of tragic story doesn’t happen any more.

My address is:_______________________.

Thank You for your time.

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